Whether it be awe, wonder, puzzlement, or disgust; my work is reactionary. I’m interested in the simulacrum; superficial representation. I am pushing my interest of this idea in the form of collaged found objects. I’m making objects that fit in the space of simulacrum by making them functional but not all the way functional. Functional in the sense that it can pass as ‘functional’ at a glance. I make my objects mostly by hand to give them a crunchy, unpolished feeling to them. Making this way brings me closer to my work despite it not being a formally finished object. I’ve been incorporating my objects into still life portraits to frame the space I’m working in. These portraits help me further my investigation of objects in specific spaces. I repurposing readymade objects that I find in the world, and use them for their unintended purposes and collaging them together.
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  • Chicago, Illinois, United States